Some Thoughts By And About The Artist
  I'm a man who paints pictures every chance he gets. I've been doing this since I was a youngster and I am now in my 60's. I get a lot of pleasure from the process of painting such as relaxation and escape from more demanding aspects of life. But the real pleasure of being a painter comes from hearing from the people who appreciate and enjoy my work.
I was born in Mobile Alabama and spent my first 17 years in the small town of Spanish Fort Alabama. I had a normal and peaceful childhood there but like many young men, I yearned to see more of the world. I joined the US Air Force in the early 60's and spent four years meeting and working with people from many other parts of the country. It was a good experience and opened my young eyes to the ways of the world. I painted my first pictures during this period and sold some and gave some away to my fellow airmen.
After my military duties were over, I attended college at Phoenix College and Arizona State University. I studied all aspects of fine art with a special emphysis on Watercolor Painting.
   I eventually moved from Arizona to Texas where I made my home for 35 years. I now reside in Fairhope Alabama. The gulf coast provides me with much subject matter for my paintings. My interest in subjects varies greatly, however I seem to paint more boat pictures than anything else. My work has been displayed and sold in many art galleries in Texas and Alabama. I have also participated in more than 100 group shows and festivals. The internet has provided a way to show my work to people from all over the world.